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Ring Bearer Pillows

Wedding Ring Bearer Pillows

Ring Bearer Pillows From Formal Satin To Shabby Elegance For The Smallest Gentleman In The Wedding Party! Let Him Feel Like The Prince of the Wedding By Asking Him To Carry One Of These Beautiful Pillows Down The Aisle!


History of The Ring Bearer

Ring bearers have long been traditional in weddings and are typically the son of someone close to the bride and groom. In modern times, the ring bearer might be the child of the bride and groom and usually carries a pillow, which may or may not hold the couple's wedding bands.  Ring bearers trace back to medieval times, when a page boy would carry the rings. Pillows were scarce in those days, so placing the wedding rings on a pillow gave them a position of prominence. Traditionally, ring bearers carry white satin pillows with the wedding bands on top. The pillow may have two threads on top so that the bands can be tied onto it and not slip off. Oftentimes the pillow is only ornamental, as the best man and maid of honor hold the rings. Today ring bearer pillows don't have to be white. Many brides choose to coordinate the pillow with their wedding colors. It can be embellished with tassels, ribbons, lace, pearls or anything else the bride chooses.