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Anniversary Gift Ideas

Anniversary                              Traditional                                Contemporary

           1st                                                                                 Paper                                                                               Clocks

           2nd                                                                               Cotton                                                                             China

           3rd                                                                                Leather                                                                             Crystal / Glass

           4th                                                                                Linen                                                                                 Electrical / Appliances

           5th                                                                                Wood                                                                                Silverware

           6th                                                                                Iron                                                                                    Wood

           7th                                                                                Wool                                                                                  Desk Sets 

           8th                                                                                Bronze                                                                               Linens / Lace

           9th                                                                                Pottery                                                                               Leather

          10th                                                                               Tin / Aluminum                                                                 Diamond Jewelry

           11th                                                                                Steel                                                                                   Fashion Jewelry, Accessories

          12th                                                                                Silk                                                                                      Pearls or Colored Gems

          13th                                                                                Lace                                                                                    Textile / Furs

          14th                                                                                                                                                                            Gold Jewelry

          15th                                                                                Crystal                                                                               Watches

         20th                                                                                China                                                                                  Platinum

         25th                                                                                 Silver                                                                                  Sterling Silver

        30th                                                                                  Pearls                                                                                Diamonds

        35th                                                                                  Coral, Jade                                                                       Jade

        40th                                                                                 Rubies                                                                               Rubies

        45th                                                                                  Sapphires                                                                         Sapphires

        50th                                                                                  Gold                                                                                  Gold

        55th                                                                                   Emeralds                                                                          Emeralds

        60th                                                                                   Diamonds                                                                        Diamonds


When Giving Anniversary Gifts, Use Your Imagination. Paper On The First Could Mean Anything From Magazine Subscription To Stock Certificates; Silver On The 25th, A Silver Ice Bucket Or Plane Tickets West To The Land Of The Silver Screen. Luggage On The Third Could Easily Be Canvas; Candlesticks On The 15th, Glass That's Crystal Clear.

Whether For Wedding Or Anniversary, Gifts Make Memories. Through The Years, You Will Look At Them, Touch Them Again And Again. And Each Will Remind You That There Always Have Been People Around You Who Want All That Is Good For You And For Your Marriage

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