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Duties for the Wedding Party

Who Does What...and When

Here are the Responsibilities for the Wedding Party Attendants. But There is

Always Plenty More You Can Do To Help


Maid/Matron of Honor

* Hosts Bridal Shower
* Helps Bridesmaids with Fittings and Wedding Day Assignments
* Helps In Planning of Wedding, Addressing of Invitations, and Shopping in General
* Pays For Her Own Gown & Accessories
* Responsible for the Coordination of Bride's Gift From Bridesmaids
* Attends Rehearsal and Rehearsal Dinner
* Helps the Bride Ge Ready on her Wedding Day and Helps Her Leave the Reception
* May Act as Legal Witness, Signs Certificate
* Holds the Groom's Ring Until Proper Time at the Wedding Ceremony
* Holds Bride's Floral Bouquet, Keeps Veil and Train Arranged During Ceremony
* Stand In Receiving Line Next to Bride & Groom and Joins Them at the Head Table



* Help Maid/Matron of Honor in Planning and Hosting Bridal Shower
* Help Out, When Needed with Pre-Wedding Work
* Contributes to Gift From Bridesmaids to Bride
* Pay for their own Gowns and Accessories
* Attend Rehearsal and Rehearsal Dinners
* May Stand in Receiving Line; May Join Bride and Groom at Head Table, Depending on Reception Seating Arrangements


Junior Bridesmaid

* Some General Duties & Privileges as Bridesmaids, but are Between 8 & 16 Years Old
* Precede Other Bridesmaids Down Aisle at Ceremony


Mother of Bride

* Reception Hostess
* Helps in Getting Guest Lists Together & Sending Out Invitations
* May Help Select Bridal Gown & Accessories
* First Person to Greet Guests in Receiving Line
* May Dance with Son at Reception to Traditional Song


Flower Girl

* May Be Accompanied by Ring Bearer Down Aisle
* Carries Basket of Flower Petals to Sprinkle Down the Aisle or to Hand Out to Guests in Aisle Seats


Best Man

* Hosts Bachelor Party
* Helps Ushers with Fittings and Wedding Day Assignments
* Helps Groom Get Ready on Wedding Day
* Pays for his Tux or Wedding Day Attire
* Responsible for the Coordination of Gifts to Groom from Ushers
* Attends Rehearsal and Rehearsal Dinner
* Pays Officiants Fees for the Ceremony
* Acts as Legal Witness Signs Certificate
* Holds Bride's Ring Until the Proper Time During the Ceremony
* Joins Bride & Groom at Head Table
* Proposes the Formal Toast to Bride & Groom at Reception
* Takes Groom's Tux Back to the Rental Shop After Reception
* Have Families' and Wedding Party's Driver's (of rented vehicles) Cell Phone Numbers



* Help Best Man in Planning & Hosting Bachelor Party
* Contribute to Groom's Gift from Groomsman
* Arrive Early at Wedding Location to Make Sure Everything is in Order
* Seat Guests at Ceremony, After Ceremony Escort Bridesmaids Down Aisle
* Help Out of Town or Elderly Guests Get From Ceremony to Reception


Father of the Bride

* Traditionally Pays For Reception
* Escorts Bride Down Aisle
* May Stand in Receiving Line
* May Dance with Bride to Traditional Song


Parents of the Groom

* May Help with Wedding Preparations & Costs
* Attend Rehearsal; Pay For & Host Rehearsal Dinner
* Pay For Purchase or Rental of Wedding Attire


Ring Bearer

* Carries Ring Pillow Down Aisle at Ceremony
* May Escort Flower Girl Down Aisle

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