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Yours Mine and Ours Pets Customized Wedding Cake Topper

Bride Grooom Dogs Cats Custom Wedding Cake Topper

Lifelike dogs and cats on this customized wedding cake topper with bride and groom will represent your entire furry family. Pets can be personalized to look like your real life furbabies.

  • Wedding couple appx 6 inches tall

  • Couple can be Bride and Groom, 2 Brides or 2 Grooms

  • Customizing of pets available

  • Pearls on females / Ascots on males n/c

  • Custom made to order toppers are non returnable

Included With Optional Base

  • Personalized first names and date plate

  • White or ivory lace | flowers with accent color flowers

  • Lace and/or Flowers May Vary Due To Availability

  • Custom made to order toppers are non returnable

Bride and Groom  with Your Hair Colors- $ 35.00

Any Dog - Non Customized - $ 22.00

Small DTN Dog - Customized - $ 35.00

Large Dog Customized  - $ 55.00

Cat - Non Customized  - $ 22.00

Cat - Customized - $ 35.00

Ferret - Sable - $ 9.00

Ferret - Albino - $ 20.00

Clothing Color Customization Per Figure - $ 25.00

Groom Face Hair -  N/C

Latino or Dark Skin Bride or Groom - $ 18.00

Latino or Dark Skin Couple - $ 35.00

Finished Base Shown In Samples - $35.00

 Photos Required For Customized Pets 

How To Order


Due to the  amount of options and complexity of this cake topper,

we need to take your order over the phone.

If by an chance we have stepped out of the office and you receive our answering machine, please leave your name and number and a time we can return your call.

520 ~ 316 ~ 9168

Base Flower/Lace and Accent Colors

Cake Topper Flower and Accent Colors
Customized Wedding Figurine Cake Toppers

Dog and Cat Breeds

Mixed Breed Canine Companion ? NO Problem!

Choose The Breed That Closest Resembles Your Furbaby ! Color Customization Available

** Click Group Letters To View Breed Sample Figurines **

A - D

Afghan Hound



Alaskan Malamute

Australian Cattle Dog

Australian Terrier


Basset Hound


Bearded Collie

Bedlington Terrier

Belgian Tervuren

Bichon Frise


Border Collie

Border Terrier


Boston Terrier

Bouvier des Flanders



Brittany Spaniel

Brussels Griffin


Bull Terrier


Cairn Terrier

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Chesapeake Bay Retriever


Chihuahua Long Hair

Chinese Crested

Chow Chow

Clumber Spaniel


Cocker Spaniel




Dachshund Long Hair


Dandie Dinmont  Terrier


E - L

English Pointer

English Setter

English Springer Spaniel

English Toy Spaniel

English Cocker Spaniel

Finnish Spitz

Fox Terrier - Smooth

Fox Terrier - Wire Hair

German Shepherd

German Shorthair Pointer

Golden Retriever

Gordon Setter