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How To Order Your Custom Pet Portrait

Which Of These Would You Prefer To Hang In Your Home?

Quality digital gallery wrap stretch canvas portrait with all the beauty and elegance of hand painted oils, charcoal, watercolor or colored pencils without the jaw dropping sticker shock price tag. For dog, cat or horse. All we need is a good quality clear photo of your pet and we can blend them into any one of our magical fantasy or studio backgrounds.

  • Lifelike fantasy portrait of your pet from your photograph

  • Multiple Pets Welcome

  • Digital oils with all the beauty of hand painted without the price tag

  • Gallery wrap stretch canvas or posterboard

  • Oils, Charcoal, Colored Pencils and Watercolor On Head/Shoulders

  • Oils and Watercolor Only On Full Body Fantasy Scene Portraits

  • Personalized with pet's name

  • Helpful and informative customer service before you order

  • You issue final approval before canvas process begins

  • Award winning artist with multiple works published in 'Inspire' and 'This' Fine Arts Magazines

How The Commissioned Glamour Portrait Process Works

Because we are working directly with your photo, you already know that you love his / her

expression and pose. But to guarantee your happiness with the finished portrait, please contact us by email and include any and all images you are considering, and we will be very honest if we feel any or all of them will not produce an incredible portrait.  It is so very important to us that your pet's portrait is of the finest quality.

Once we have agreed on a base image, we digitally remove your pet from the photo and edit him or her into your chosen fantasy scene carefully blending so they fit perfectly!  Placement / size of pet and portrait orientation may vary to work best with the scene and your pet's pose. Personalized with your pets name.  Signature of artist will appear in lower left or right corner.

Once we feel we are almost finished, we will send you a link to view the portrait to approve.  When everything meets your expectations we will send the image to our local lab for the gallery wrap stretch canvas or artboard process which takes appx 10 business days.  Your order will ship within 48 hours after we receive the finished image.

What We Need
  1. A clear, high resolution, bright but not overexposed photo of your pet. Somewhat underexposed can be worked with.  Outside evenly lit photos work best, but not taken in full sun. Full frontal photos are not as attractive as slightly angular or side view.

  2. Your background scene choice.

  3. Payment in full before any work begins.

  • Lighting may vary from pet to pet due to fur colors

  • Pet size and/or placement may vary to best accommodate

  • Location of pet's name may vary

  • Portrait orientation may be vertical or horizontal to best suit pet's pose

  • Includes one pet - additional small pets $20 each - horses $30 each

  • Professional or copyrighted images cannot be used

How To Get A Great Base Photo

The choice of your pets base photo will determine the quality of the once in a lifetime finished stretch canvas or posterboard portrait painting that you hang on your wall. So this choice really needs serious consideration.  Most people take 'snapshots' of their pets laying on the sofa or doing the silly things that makes that pet unique.....and that is fine for the family photo album. But a portrait painting should be that special look and pose. 

But look and pose are not the important parts of the image.  Let us help you choose wisely..... 


  • Spend a little time grooming your dog, cat or horse to get them relaxed so they look fresh and handsome/pretty.

  • Choose a well lit shaded area, not in full sun, preferably outdoors. Concrete or hard surfaces are much more preferable to grass so choosing a portrait background will be easier. If you are choosing a portrait scene with grass, then photos in grass is fine.

  • Squeaker toys, toys with bells, clickers and/or hand treats will help get your dogs undivided attention for those eyes forward and ears up shots that you will love!

  • Take as many photographs of him/her as you can concentrating on sitting and standing pose for dogs and cats which work best for most background scenes.  3/4 angular sitting or standing is more  attractive than straight on. 

  • Weed through all the images and remove blurred or odd poses. Also removing those that are really too bright with blown out highlights.

  • Once you have narrowed it down to a handful, contact us and send the candidates that you like best so we can make recommendations.

Samples of Poor and Good Lighting | Resolution Photos

Although we can work with lower lit | resolution originals, the finished portrait will not be as clear and detailed as one with good resolution.

Glamour Portrait Policies
  • Extracting pet from original background is time consuming and tedious. Great care must be taken not to allow any halo of original surrounding colors to remain. This process also requires the majority of hair/fur to be removed and digitally redesigned. Fur or hair will be replaced as closely as possible.  Please remove collar or halter/bridle before photographing your pet unless you want it to be part of the finished portrait.

  • We are happy to accommodate special requests such as custom background scenes or other components whenever possible.

  • Price shown includes 1 pet - additional small pets $20.00 each - horses $30.00 each.

  • Paint effect is much more evident on longer haired animals than on short hair.

  • We reserve the right to display finished portraits for advertising.

Premade Backgrounds and Head/Shoulder  (1 pet)

We can discuss your thoughts or needs for size once we mutually decide on any and all pet images that can and will be used.

Gallery Wrap Stretch Canvas

 11x14 - $ 145.00     |      16x20 - $165.00    |    20x24 - $215.00

Canvas Texture Mounted Print  (Artboard)

11x14 - $95.00    |    16x20 - $ 125.00

Custom Background Scenes From Photos You Provide

$25.00 per hour including edits - estimated at appx 2 - 3 hours for simple scenes - in addition to above portrait pricing

PLEASE NOTE:  Each monitor displays colors and light/dark differently, so your actual portrait may differ slightly from what you see here on your desktop computer or cell phone.

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