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Fun Costume Pet Custom Canvas Portrait Paintings

Countess Felicity Costume Custom Pet Portrait Painting

In a world where pets hold such a special place in our hearts, it's no wonder that custom pet portraits have become so popular. They offer a unique and personalized way to celebrate our furry companions and showcase their individuality. Whether it's a regal period style, a sporty outfit, or a fun lifestyle costume, these portraits are sure to capture the hearts of pet owners everywhere. So why settle for a basic pet portrait when you can have a lifelike custom portrait that truly reflects your pet's personality!

Created From YOUR Photo!!

Order yours today!

We use YOUR Photo!

No worries if we will capture your pets personality. We use your favorite photo so you know you will love it!

24-48 Hour Proofing

We get right to work on your portrait order, and you will have a proof to approve in 48 hours or less.

Unlimited Modifications

Whatever you want to change from what you see in the proof, all you need to do is ask.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We know how important this once in a lifetime portrait is to you, so you can count on us giving 110%.

Free Shipping Over $99.00

On orders over $99.00, we happily offer free shipping anywhere within the continental USA

How The Portrait Process Works

STEP 1 - Choose Your Character

  • Start by choosing your portrait costume, as well as size.  If you need multiple pets included in this portrait please just contact us for suggestions and advice.

STEP 2 - Send Us Your Chosen Photos

  • We will review the photos you send to make sure it will produce an amazing portrait.  If we feel these will not work well, we will contact you right away for any and all alternatives.  

  • Once we have agreed on a base image, we will invoice you. When payment is received, we will begin creating your once in a lifetime portrait.

  • Within 24-48 hours we will present you with a proof to approve. Any requested modifications will be immediately honored. Once approved, your order will be sent out for printing.

STEP 3 - Delivery

  • Your order of posterboard or canvas will take appx 2 weeks for printing. Once we received the finished portrait, we will ship it out within 48 hours by US postal system. We will provide you with a tracking number.

Police Officer Costume Custom Pet Portrait
Portrait Policies
  • Extracting pet from original background is time consuming and tedious. Great care must be taken not to allow any halo of original surrounding colors to remain. This process also requires the majority of hair/fur to be removed and digitally redesigned. Fur or hair will be replaced as closely as possible.  Please remove collar before photographing your pet unless you want it to be part of the finished portrait.

  • We are happy to accommodate special requests such as custom background scenes or other components whenever possible.

  • Price shown includes 1 pet - additional pets are more than welcome for an additional fee.

  • Paint effect is much more evident on longer haired animals than on short hair.

  • Once work has begun on your order, cancellation is not possible.

  • We reserve the right to display finished portraits for advertising.


Custom Background Scenes From Photos You Provide

$25.00 per hour including edits - estimated at appx 2 - 3 hours for simple scenes - in addition to posted portrait pricing

PLEASE NOTE:  Each monitor displays colors and light/dark differently, so your actual portrait may differ slightly from what you see here on your desktop computer or cell phone. Colors are noticeably more vibrant on canvas than on posterboard.

Here are some tips to help you get the very best photo of your pet. If you are not completely successful, don't worry! If we feel your photo will not make a fabulous portrait, we'll let you know right away, and help you choose a more suitable one.

  • High resolution base photos are required for the best possible results.

  • Ideal lighting is outdoor natural daylight out of direct sunlight or brightly lit indoors without flash. Poor lighting will produce an undesirable portrait.

  • Photos of your pet taken at eye level work best. Looking away or at the camera are fine.

  • For period costume or classic head/shoulder portraits, close up photos with minimal distortion are preferred for best quality.

  • We cannot work with blurry or out of focus photos.

  • Please be sure long floppy or tall ears are in frame!

Dog Portrait
Dog Portrait
Dog Portrait
White Shepherd Before Photo For Custom Portrait

Samples of Good Lighting

Period Costume Custom Dog - Cat Pet Portraits | Superhero Pet Costume Portraits | Super Hero Custom Dog Cat Pet Paintings | Custom Dog Cat Paintings From Photo

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