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Beautiful Dog Art - Breeds M - Y

Wonderful gifts for the animal lover in your life!

Puggle Dog and Puppy Portrait Art

Collector Art Series of Dogs

Beautiful portraits of our furry companions surrounded by stunning flowers and trees with a sunny sky dotted with puffy white clouds or dreamy background.


Use Code: 3for2PETS


 EACH Image Is Part of a Larger Collection 
 CLICK Sample Below to See More! 

Available Dog Breeds for Portrait Art Paintings

Maltese | Manchester Terrier | Miniature Pinscher | Newfoundland | Norwegian Elkhound | Papillion | Pekingese | Pitbull | Pomeranian | Poodle | Pug | Puggle | 
Rhodesian Ridgeback | Rottweiler | Schnauzer | Scottish Terrier | Sharpei Shar Pei | Sheltie Shetland Sheepdog | Shiba Inu | Shih Tzu | Saint Bernard | 

Staffie Staffordshire Terrier | Vizsla | West Highland Terrier | Yorkshire Terrier

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