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Premade Book Covers For Sale

Romance - Gothic - Mystery - Thriller - Non Fiction

Custom Cover Requests Welcome

Book Cover Policies



This cover is subject to the condition of putting my name, Dawn Gemme, as cover artist in the credits of book.


My covers are designed with carefully chosen high quality image stocks tastefully enhanced with digital painting to create a one of a kind artwork. I use my years of artistic insight to develop a mood that will bring attention to your book and help sell more copies.


When placing your order, please include your book title, author name, optional tag line, font choices and colors. Your finished cover in JPG format will be delivered to you by email.  All covers are done in 6x9 inch format, 1800x2700px at 300 PPI. Size can be altered to your needs.

Minor changes such as font style, scale and/or color are part of the sale. Up to 2 changes are allowed before additional $5.00 design charges per change are applicable. These changes need to be requested before the file is sent. If requested after receipt of file, additional charges may apply. Covers are not sold without text. If you have not written a book yet, or have not decided upon a title, it can be paid for and reserved for when you are ready.

Custom spine and back cover design, major changes such as adding | removing | rearranging elements warrants a custom cover. Fees are $25 per hour - 2 hour minimum and must be paid in advance to Paypal before any work begins. 

For premade design covers, you are purchasing the commercial rights to use said cover for your book, but not the rights to the artwork and/or photography. They will remain the property of myself and the model/photographer. Source files will not be provided in any manner or form. This cover includes my own photography and/or resources. Book covers are a one time purchase and cannot be sold to a 3rd party. Future books using same cover with any alterations is considered a custom cover and can be contracted through our website.

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